Our research-backed and age-appropriate kindness assemblies build on the concepts of empathy, emotion regulation, conflict resolution, self-calming techniques and pro social behavior to help kids act with kindness, bravery and respect. To ensure each program is of the highest standard, they are thoroughly reviewed and approved by a licensed child therapist and former elementary school teacher and principal.

We want to reach every young child during their formative years, therefore we offer our kindness assemblies for FREE! We believe every child should have access to our assemblies no matter their circumstance or demographic. Assemblies are sponsored by businesses with big hearts, who are committed to community enrichment and bullying prevention.

We have no doubt you are teaching kindness to your students. Our assemblies are not meant to replace what you're currently doing, but to support it and add further enrichment. Our work doesn't stop at the end of an assembly. To ensure the learning continues, we provide support materials to teachers and principals, our incredible heroes!  

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