Jami Schaer
Founder and President

Jami is a Type 09 licensed teacher with a B.A in History and Secondary Education from Northern Illinois University.  Jami has entrepreneurial, business management, and branding experience as a former sole proprietor of The Clever Bride.  Jami also has marketing and graphic design experience as a former marketing director for a firm on the north shore. Becoming a mom awakened the activist in Jami and set Fox and Trove in motion.  Now, Jami works to empower her daughter and other children, helping them develop resilient happiness and make the world a better place by teaching them how to be kind and brave.


Laura Wood
Co Founder, Vice President, Treasurer

Laura has a B.A Hons in Professional Language Studies and a CIM Marketing Diploma (Certified Institute of Marketing). Throughout her 15 years in business, Laura has worked for global brands and startups including her own online fashion retail business. Laura's experience includes managing high-profile sports sponsorship events, developing corporate communication plans, brand development, writing, blogging and website development. Since becoming a mother, Laura is passionate about creating a world where people are accepting of one another and celebrate each other's differences. This all starts with teaching kids how to be kind and brave.

Christina Kolb


Colleen Weiglein
Director of Public Relations



Jen Christie                                                                             
Kindness Educator                                                                   

Cindy Feinendegen
Kindness Educator