Sponsorships, Grants and Donations

Sponsorships, Grants and Donations

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Thank you for helping us bring our program to schools and children in need.


$200: Sponsor a child who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend camp due to financial hardship. You can sponsor as many children as you’d like. We will thank you profusely in our Instagram Instastores.

$2,500: Be a Half Camp Sponsor and help us and another business bring World Changer Camp to a low-income neighborhood. That logo of yours will look great on our website's Sponsorship page, you'll share the spotlight with another business in promotion at the camp, and we will thank and promote you on Instagram and Facebook.

$5,000: Gift World Changer Camp to a low-income, at-risk neighborhood.  There are hundreds of thousands of kids in the US who will never experience the joy of summer camp.  Every single kid deserves and can benefit greatly from social-emotional learning (SEL) so we want to bring our World Changer Camp to their neighborhood and make it free to those families. Your logo will be happily placed on our website‘s home page as a World Changer Camp Champion Sponsor, we'll be thanking and promoting you often on Instagram and Facebook, your logo will be proudly displayed on the campers’ t-shirts, and you will be featured in a press release sent to local and national media outlets as well as in our parent newsletters for the 2019-2020 school year.

$10,000: Sponsor our Kindness Program.  Your generosity will be put to good use opening free kindness camps (World Changer Camp) in poverty-stricken communities as well as to help us finish developing our school kindness curriculum (World Changers in the Classroom) through 8th grade and putting it online so it's accessible and free to every school. For every school that can afford to purchase an SEL (social-emotional learning) curriculum, there are many more that can't afford it so we want to make it available for free to every teacher.  For your generosity, you'll receive 4 gala tickets for our 2020 Haunted Gala, premier listing at the gala as a Hero Sponsor, recognition at the gala during the Executive Director’s toast, immediate recognition in press release, company link and logo on our website’s home page and newsletters for the 2019-2020 school year, gushing thanks and promotions on Instagram and Facebook and banner promotion at all of our World Changer Camps.

We look forward to partnering with you to change the world! We have several sponsorship opportunities. Please reach out to us at hello@foxandtrove.com with any questions.

Thank you for helping us change the world!