World Changers in the Classroom™ - Kindness Curriculum

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It's here and we are so excited! 224 pages of kindness available now!!

World Changers in the Classroom is a Kindness Curriculum designed to help young learners, between the ages of 3 - 6, develop the skills necessary for positive social-emotional development. Our lessons center around the two concepts of kindness and bravery, creating an important balance children need in order to thrive in school and out in the world.  We always say Kindness + Bravery = Resilient Happiness.

Our Kindness Curriculum includes 30 lessons divided into 6 units. These fun, age-appropriate, play-based lessons focus on the important social-emotional kindness and bravery skills of empathy, self-calming, emotion regulation, conflict resolution, resilience, inclusion, acts of kindness and the concept of being a world changer.

Activity and craft templates and parent handouts are included in the back of the curriculum book and you will also have access to online resources.

Each Kindness Curriculum comes with two crazy cool puppets kids love and a conflict resolution chart.

Are you ready to change the world with your students? Let’s go!

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